2021 Newsletter Update

The Newsletter Committee recently compiled many interesting submissions from throughout the world for our latest Martes Working Group Newsletter – Winter 2021 edition. If you are a MWG member, you should have received an email with the Newsletter, otherwise it is available below.

MWG Membership Questionnaire

The Martes Working Group has undergone significant change in its membership since its inception in 1993. To better understand the interests and backgrounds of people working in the wide world of Martes research and conservation, we are asking all current MWG members to complete a short membership survey that will tell us more about themselves. 

* Coming soon!

Proposed Bylaws for Martes Working Group

To help the Martes Working Group make financing of the upcoming 8th International Martes Symposium a bit easier, we need to establish Bylaws under which the group operates. If you are a Martes Working Group member, you should receive an invitation to vote on the Bylaws soon.

Proposed bylaws available here

#FisherFriday throwback to trapping season. New Englanders love to complain about fisher screaming in the woods (FYI it's almost always a fox!), so I wanted to share what the typical fisher sound actually is: the fisher chuckle! This is Clyde (M09) chuckling away. #RIFisherStudy

At long last, everyone meet 2/3 of Toph's (F11) kits! This was their first trip down from the den and out to adventure with mom. Down-climbing is scary when you're just a few months old! #RIFisherStudy #FisherFriday @RhodeIslandDEM @uricels

Happy #martenMonday! Check out this cool Yellow-throated marten observation! Parida and others observed a pair mating on a tree branch in Dampa Tiger Reserve in India. This is the 1st observation of wild Yellow-throated martens mating!📸: Abinash Parida


With vaccinations well under way, it's important to remember to maintain social distancing for a little while longer. Channel your inner wolverine and maintain your distance from other humans. ❤️

Today we joined @WSDOT colleagues on a visit of crossing structures at @SnoqualmiePass . We were standing there and WATCHED a coyote cross an overpass! This project is radically increasing I-90 permeability for wildlife. It is so inspiring!

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