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    We would like to know what Fisher densities are across Canada and northeren states of USA. How many and where? What population goals are in place would also be helpful. If populations have been reintroduced the year would be appreciated.


    Hi there.

    We have estimates of fisher densities from British Columbia for a couple of different locations. You have likely seen the following 2 publications:
    Weir, R. D., and F. B. Corbould. 2006. Density of fishers in the Sub-boreal Spruce biogeoclimatic zone of British Columbia. Northwestern Naturalist 87:118-127.
    Weir, R. D., E. C. Lofroth, and M. Phinney. 2011. Density of fishers in boreal mixedwood forests of northeastern British Columbia. Northwestern Naturalist 92:65-69.

    There is also a density estimate ms on fishers in southwestern BC that Larry Davis and I have coming out in Northwestern Naturalist in the winter 2021 issue (121). Drop me a line if you would like a pre-print copy. The long-and-the-short is 13.1 fishers/1000 km² for that area.

    Rory Fogarty is also doing some density estimation of fishers in the Chilcotin dry forests of central BC as well. I believe that he is getting densities of ~18 fishers/1000 km², but you should contact him for more details. Rory.Forgarty ~at~

    Hope this helps.

    Rich Weir
    Rich.Weir ~at~

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