MWG member early $ 340£198.83€ 234.48$ 251.85
MWG member late$ 410£239.77€ 282.76$ 303.70
Non-MWG member early$ 425£248.54€ 293.10$ 314.81
Non-MWG member late$ 495£289.47€ 341.38$ 366.67
Student early/special $ 240£140.35€ 165.52$ 177.78
Student late$ 310£181.29€ 213.79$ 229.63
Single day$ 175£102.34€ 120.69$ 129.63
* ALL TICKET PRICING IS IN CANADIAN DOLLARS. The bank account for the Martes Working Group is located in Canada and, as such, we can only collect registration fees in Canadian dollars (CAD). Roughly equivalent GBP, EUR, and USD are listed in the ticket options, but these are only estimates. Please refer to exchange rates at the time of purchase for actual exchange rates and costs. The Martes Working Group appreciates your understanding.

Refreshment breaks and lunch as part of the registration fee. Delegates that are staying at Coylumbridge Hotel have their breakfasts and dinners included in the accommodation fees (paid directly to the hotel).

Field trips will be half-day in length on Weds Sept 13 from the conference venue. Sign-up for one of the two sessions will occur the first day of the symposium.

The registration desk will open at 16:00 on Monday, Sept. 11th and be staffed in the mornings throughout the duration of the event. Stop by to sign in and get your conference materials (e.g., name badge, swag bag) and sign up for field trips, extra banquet or ceilidh tickets. Volunteers are needed to support the symposium function; if you are able to help, please stop by the registration desk to see where assistance is needed!